English Country Dance

April 17, 2009

The April 17, 2009, dance, was held at the Monday Club in Webster Groves, MO with approximately sixty dancers in attendance. A workshop in English Country Dancing Basics was held, and modern and historical English Country Dances were taught and prompted by Bob Green, Kimberly Hall and Kay Tomlinson. Lively music was provided by Hibernia Station, of Jefferson City, MO.

Dances performed at the April, 2009 dance:

  • Duke of Kent's Waltz
  • Mage on a Cree, danced to Liliburlero
  • Barbarini's Tamborine
  • Hit and Miss danced to Daphne
  • Easter Thursday
  • Jovial Beggars
  • Juice of Barley
  • Progressive Gordons
  • Arcadian Nuptials
  • Bare Necessities
  • Knives and Forks
  • Jefferson and Liberty