Callers Choice Dances

What's a Callers' Choice Dance?

A Callers Choice Dance is a Contra Dance with multiple callers. You often get to be the first to dance the best of the new dances written by our choreographer friend, and occasionally, there's a special treat when guest callers from other dance groups are in town.

We dance to live music - often from Ragged Robin (Martha Edwards and Billy Boyer and friends). Roger Netherton and Friends plays when Roger is in town, and the Mound City Slickers and Three Crooked Men have stepped in when we need them, too.  Reel Women and the Jigelos played many of the dances from 2009-2013. In November of 2009, Perpetual eMotion from Maine, on their first, get-to-know-us Midwestern tour, played the music for us, treating us to their techno-contra. Smugglers' Cargo made their Monday Club debut at the Callers Choice dance in December of 2009, and Playing with Fire brought the house down in July of 2011. The Folk School sent over an ensemble for one of our dances, and the Night Crawlers play, too. In 2015, the Coffee Zombies played one of the Callers Choice dances, as did the Ladies at Play.

Here's a schedule of the Callers Choice dances.

July 7, 2018 - Ragged Robin (Billy Boyer and Martha Edwards)
August 3, 2018 - 3 Crooked Men
September 1, 2018 - cancelled (There's a High Tea Ball that evening. Alas, it's sold out!)
October 6, 2018 - Roger Netherton & Friends
November 3, 2018 - Ryan Spearman & Friends
December 1, 2018 - Alyssa Caitlin band

The dances are often the ones called at the Calling Parties:

  • Contra Dances
  • Square Dances
  • Dances in Unusual Formations

We used to call English dances at the Callers Choice dances, but pretty much stopped when we started a new English Country Dance series on first Mondays and third Fridays.

We welcome people who have never danced before, but who are willing to give it a shot — it is our tradition to be helpful and friendly to newcomers.


  • Billy Boyer
  • Larry Boyer
  • John Coffman
  • Kathy Coffman
  • Martha Edwards
  • Mariah Fabry
  • Chrystal Gallaci Jones
  • Bob Green
  • Kimberly Hall
  • Jim Hemphill
  • Karen Jackson
  • Allison Jonjak
  • Sarah Kaiser
  • Dave Morse
  • Missy Reisenleiter
  • Kay Tomlinson
  • Dale Wilson


*The Calling Party blog: see It hasn't been well-kept-up lately, but the early postings are worth a read.