English Country Dance

December 18, 2009

Musical accompaniment provided by Tu'Penny Uprights

HOLIDAY DRESS-UP BALL on Friday, December 18, 2009 at the Monday Club

Callers: Peter Wollenberg, Mark Rice, Missy Reisenleiter, Kay Tomlinson, Chrystal Galacci-Jones, Bob Green, and Martha Edwards

Mark Rice
Bridges of Athlone
(to Dominion Reel)
Circassian Circle
(to Sprigs of Laurel)

Peter Wollenberg
Collier's Daughter
Mulberry Gardens

Missy Reisenleiter
Christchurch Bells
Money in Both Pockets

Kay Tomlinson
Yellow Stockings
Elverton Grove

Bob Green
(to Michael and All Angels)

Martha Edwards
Autumn in Amherst

Chrystal Gallacci Jones
Mr. Isaac's Maggot