English Country Dance
First Dance of a New Series

February 20, 2009

The Monday Club was glowing at the first dance of the Webster Groves English Country Dancers. The decorating committee knew just what to do to make the the lighting in the hall soft and inviting, rendering the appearance of the dancers simply ravishing.

Modern and historical English Country Dances were taught and prompted by Bob Green, Kimberly Hall, and Kay Tomlinson. The dancers (some 50 of them!) danced divinely. When one of the fiddlers saw the entire hall doing a double figure of 8 perfectly in under two minutes of teaching, she uttered a most unladylike whoop.

Live music was provided by the Tu'Penny Uprights (Martha Edwards on violin, Paul Wexler on clarinet and recorder, Kristin Graham on keyboard, and guest Ben Schreiber on violin). They played their hearts out, though it must be observed that occasional laughter coming from the stage made it seem as if a private party were being held among the members of the ensemble. The sound engineer, Mac McKeever, was given approximately zero minutes to do a sound check, yet the sound in the hall was reported to be excellent!

The refreshment committee kept the dancers well supplied with energy, hydration, and pleasure, and the door-greeting volunteers made every attendee welcome. Several benefactors appeared and have made it possible for us to attempt another such venture again in the near future.

Dances done on February 20, 2009: