English Country Dance

December 17, 2010

Yuletide Ball flyer


Musical accompaniment provided by the Tu'Penny Players

Martha Edwards, violin
Ben Schreiber, violin
Kristin Graham, piano


Peter Wollenberg and Friends

Peter Wollenberg
Jeff Sadler
Missy Reisenleiter
Mark Rice
Bob Green


Queens Jig – Jeff 
Miss Sayer's Allemande – Mark
Haymakers – Peter 
Castigated Neighbor  – Bob 
Margaret's Waltz  – Peter
Jacob Hall's Jig –  Peter

Les Quatre Berceaux with Dance Discovery
Demo 2  with Blackthorn Morris


Bar a Bar – Peter
Come Let's Be Merry – Missy
Trip to Easthampstead – Peter
Fenterlarick – Peter
Sellenger's Round – Mark