When We Usually Dance

*Here’s the formula for when we dance on Sundays: There is always a contra dance on the 3rd Saturday. The next night (Sunday) is a Waltz Party, which is usually the 3rd Sunday, but If the first day of the month is a Sunday, then it's the 4th Sunday.  In the end, the best way to know when we dance is to check the schedule.

 Which week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Which week
        Callers Choice 1st
1st Contra             2nd
2nd Contra         English
Country Dance
Contra 3rd
3rd Waltz             4th
4th Contra             5th
5th Contra              

Sunday Dances

1st, 2nd, usually the 4th, & 5th SundaysContra Dance. Free workshop at 6:30pm, live music from 7-10pm. $7.

Usually 3rd Sunday. Waltz Party - waltzes and other social dances. Free workshop 6-7pm, live music from 7-9pm. $10.

Monday Dance

1st Monday. Plain and Fancy" English Country Dance.  Fun, easier, introductory or teaching dances from 7-8:30pm for your non-dancing friends. More complex dances from 8:30-9:30pm for those of you who've been longing for a bit of a challenge.  Recorded music.

Friday Dance

3rd Fridays. English Country Dance. Live music from 7pm -9:30pm, with easier, teaching dances in the first half hour. Please come early if you're new. If you're late, you're still welcome, but you'll have more fun if you feel confident, and we want you to have more fun.  Regular dances $10, balls $15. Be sure to ask about discounts if you need one!

Saturday Dances

1st Saturday. Callers Choice Dance - contra and related dances. Free workshop at 6:30pm, live music from 7-10pm. $7.

3rd Saturday. Contra dance. Free workshop at 6:30pm, live music from 7-10pm. $7.

Here's a schedule, and a map to the Monday Club.