Waltz Parties

Renior - the Dancers

Join us once a month as we dance waltzes and other social dances in a beautiful setting.  No partner or experience is necessary. Each evening consists of a one-hour workshop followed by two hours of dancing to live music.  About 2/3 of the dances are waltzes, with the others being a mix of polka, tango, schottisch, hambo or ragtime.  For $10, you can enjoy a dance lesson, two hours of live music, and refreshments.  Please wear or bring soft soled shoes.

The dances are held at the Monday Club, 37 S. Maple, in Webster Groves. Here's a map.

6-7pm Attend a Workshop
Each month we offer a dance lesson focusing on one of these dance styles: waltz, polka, tango, schottisch, hambo or ragtime. See below for the workshop schedule.

7-9pm    Dance to live music

The Halcyon Light Orchestra is a rotating set of fine musicians - Martha Edwards on violin, Tim Hirzel on flute, Matthew McKeever or Justus Matthews on clarinet, Billy Boyer on keyboard, plus guest artists. Other artists over the years have included Kristin Graham, Mike Brown, Aileen Murphy, Paul Wexler, Ben Schreiber, Paul Stamler, Paul Ovaitt, Lisa Gilbert, Tim Lilly and Chris Voelker.

Dance Schedule

Please note the Waltz Party is on the Sunday after the Third Saturday (because we always have a contra on the third Saturday). When the first of the month is on a Sunday, it pushes the Waltz Party to the fourth Sunday. It may be easier to remember that the Waltz Party is always on the third Sunday unless the 22nd of the month is a Sunday. If the 22nd is a Sunday, that's a Waltz Party night!

Upcoming Waltz Parties

March 22, 2020

Workshop: Cross-step waltz variations
Leader: Bob Green  CANCELLED
April 19, 2020 Workshop: Polka Varitions
Leader: Bob Green   CANCELLED
May 17, 2020 Workshop: Rotary Waltz, including reverse direction
June 21, 2020 Workshop: Zwiefacher variations
Leader: TBA
July 19, 2020 Workshop: TBA
Leader: TBA
August 16, 2020 Workshop: TBA
Leader:  TBA
September 20, 2020 Workshop:TBA
Leader: TBA
October 18, 2020 Workshop: TBA
Leader: TBA
November 22, 2020 Workshop: TBA
Leader: TBA
December 20, 2020 Workshop: TBA
Leader:  TBA