Here are the bands who play for Childgrove Country Dancers. If you know of changes - in name or personnel - please let us know!

Local Bands (two or more regular local members)

Boney Goat Band - Old time
Mike Saputo on guitar, Lindell Blackford on fiddle, Rich Hibbs on banjo

Bottom Feeders - Old time

Cousin Curtis and the Cash Rebates - Old time
Geoff Seitz and Lindell Blackford on fiddle, Curtis Buckhannon on mandolin, Dennis Buckhannon on guitar, Vince Corkery or Kathy Gordon on bass, Emily Buckhannon on  keyboard

Dugout Canoe - Old time
Geoff Seitz fiddle, Dave Landreth banjo, Andrew Gribble guitar. Marc Rennard played fiddle with them for many years.

Doss Branch String Ticklers - old time
Ellen Gomez and Friends

Farmertones - Old time
The band that made the big time on "reality" TV - Geoff Seitz and Marc Rennard on fiddles, Dave Landreth on banjo, Curt Buckhannon on mandolin and Dennis Buckhannon on guitar.

Folk School Wall o' Sound - Old time
Music from the St. Louis Folk School

Halcyon Light Orchestra - nineteenth century couples dance music
Martha Edwards on fiddle, and friends, which have included many fine players over the years: Kristin Graham or Billy Boyer on keyboard, Tim Lilly on harp and guitar, Justus Matthews or Paul Wexler on clarinet, Tim Hirzel on flute and Mike Brown on bass, plus other guest artists. Halcyon Light plays for the monthly Waltz Party

Hogtied - Old time
Megan Greene on fiddle, Jeff Miller on banjo, Jim Nelson on guitar, and Dedo Norris on bass

Hoosier Uprights - Old time
Marc Rennard & Geoff Seitz on fiddles, Jeff Miller on banjo, Jim Nelson on guitar, Dedo Norris on bass

The Missouri Possum Tamers: - Appalachian style old time string band (based on traditional mountain sounds from North Carolina and Virginia)
Dedo Norris on fiddle, Jim Nelson on guitar, Jeremiah Evans on banjo, and Andy Gribble on bass.

Mound City Slickers - Old time
Bill Stewart and Lindell Blackford on fiddles, Bob Clark on banjo, Roy Farwell on guitar, Sean Ruprecht-Belt on banjo-ukelele, and Rich Egan on keyboard.  Read more about them at

Old Missouri - Old time
Roger Netherton on fiddle and Rich Egan on keyboard

Playing with Fire - Old time and New England - and Ragtime!
Roger Netherton on fiddle, Annie Shilliday on keyboard

Ragged Robin - New England-style Contra and English Country Dance
Martha Edwards on fiddle, Billy Boyer on keyboard, plus friends.  Hear them on YouTube

Rambling Rosies - Old time
Ellen Gomez on fiddle, Amanda Jokerst on banjo, Anne Williamson on bass and Alyssa Catlin on guitar.

Reel Women (and the Jigelos) - New England style
Martha Edwards on fiddle, Kristin Graham on keyboard. Jigelos have been Mike Brown on bass and Ben Schreiber on fiddle. Click here to hear them playing Dill Pickles, a wonderful raggy tune from 1907 composed by Charles Leslie Johnson.

Road Kill Ramblers - Old time 
Bill Stewart (and maybe Geoff Seitz, maybe Lindell Blackford) on fiddle, Rich Hibbs on banjo, Curtis Buckhannon on mandolin, Jim Nelson on guitar , and Dedo Norris on bass - they used to play for Childgrove and Carbondale back in the mid 80s, and they're still together from time to time.

Roger Wilco - Old time, New England, Modern Urban Contra and whatever else they come up with
Roger Netherton on fiddle, Billy Boyer on keyboard

The Root Diggers - Old time
Colin Blair fiddle, Jeremiah Evans banjo, Steve Pupillo guitar, Allen Spencer mandolin, Mark Lang bass

Sadie Hawkins Day String Band - Old time
Dave Black, mandolin/guitar, Thomas Coriell, fiddle/mandolin, Dan Higgins, banjo/guitar, Anne Williamson, bass, Colleen Williamson, hammered dulcimer - see more about them on their web site

The Short List - Roger Netherton and  Lindell Blackford on fiddle, Rich Hibbs on banjo and Roy Farwell on guitar

Short Round String Band - Old Time
Ryan Spearman on fiddle and mandolin, Betse Ellis on fiddle, Kelly Wells on guitar, Clark Wyatt on banjo

South City Serenaders - Old time
Dedo Norris on fiddle, Dave Landreth on banjo, and Jim Nelson on guitar

Three Crooked Men - Old time
Michael Banvard fiddle, Keith Dudding mandolin, Sean Barth banjo

Tu'Penny Players - English Country Dance
Martha Edwards on fiddle, Kristin Graham on keyboard, with occasional guests - Dana Hotle or Justus Matthews on clarinet, Joseph Galbraith on flute and recorder, and/or Tim Hirzel on flute.

Two Women and a Truck - Old Time
Barb Weathers on Fiddle, Tom Hall on Guitar, ...

Uncle Farmer - Irish and New England plus modern twists
Ben Schreiber on fiddle, Michael Sokolovsky on guitar and feet

Vigortones - Old Time
Chirps Smith on fiddle, Dave Landreth on banjo, Jim Nelson on guitar, Dedo Norris on bass, and sometimes Geoff Seitz on fiddle

Weak Stream String Band - Old time
Marc Rennard, Dave Landreth, Ellen Gomez et al

Regional Bands

Banjolele - Old time
Old-time music - Laura Sleade and Martha Tyner, fiddles, Ed Hawkes, guitar, and Karen Kraft, banjo, from Champagne-Urbana, IL

The Campeau Creek Boys and Dedo - Old time
Fred Campeau from Chicago on fiddle, Jim Nelson on guitar, Jeff Miller on  banjo, Dedo Norris on bass

Chicks with Guns - Old time
Billy Matthews on fiddle, Barb Weathers on guitar

Cosmic Otters - Irish, Old-time and Contrafusion
Jonathan Whitall, fiddle, and Meg Dedolph, guitar, from Chicago, IL

Euphor - Old time with Cajun overtones
Matt Turino on fiddle, Tom Turino on mandolin and banjo, Sam Paine on guitar, from Champaign, IL,

Euphoria String Band Old-time band from Lawrence, KS

Fiddlin Banjo Billy Mathews and The Old Time Players - Old time
Billy Matthews from Reed Spring, MO on fiddle, with Christine Breen, Paul Breen and Colin Blair

Gray Squirrels - Old time
The Grace girls, Ellie and Leela, with Geoff Seitz and Jim Nelson

Hibernia Station - English Country Dance
English Country Dance music from Jefferson City, MO.  Hibernia Station started as the Galbraith family band, and grew.

Hillbilly Holiday - Old time
Twin fiddles and hillbilly music - Tom Hall, banjo & guitar, and Barbara Weathers, fiddle, from St. Louis; Jim Lansford, fiddle, and Kim Lansford, guitar, from Galena, MO

Hoosier Cracker Jacks - Jamie Gans (fiddle), Dave Landreth (banjo), Jim Nelson (guitar), Dedo Norris (bass), Tamara Lowenthal (calling, percussive dance, fiddle)

James River Scraphounds - Old time
Old-time music - Pete Howard, fiddle, from Fayetteville, AK; Jim Ruth, banjo, from Columbia, MO; Barbara Weathers, guitar, from St. Louis

Little Egypt Pep Steppers - Old time
From Chicago, IL and St Louis - Chirps Smith, fiddle & mandolin, Robert Freeman, banjo, Jim Nelson, guitar, and Dedo Norris, bass

The Mean Lids - Modern Contra cool stuff.
Matt Turino (of U4) on fiddle or guitar and foot rhythms, with Ben Smith on fiddle, Miriam Larson on flute, jawharp and other assorted instruments. They do wear hats.

New Bad Habits - Old time
Chirps Smith & Tim Foss on fiddles, Dave Landreth on banjo, Andy Gribble on guitar

Old Corn Lickers - Old time
from Cape Girardeau, MO

Patt & Possum - Old time
Charlie Walden fiddle & Patt Plunkett keyboard, from Chicago

Pig Town Alley- Contrafusion (originally from Cincinnati, OH)
Pam and Fred Stoll on fiddles (now living in Spartanburg, SC), Bob Frankenhoff on keyboard, and Deb Frankenhoff on percussion

Stringdancer  - New England style twin-fiddle Contrafusion
Martha Edwards, fiddle, from St Louis, MO; Pam Carson Stoll, fiddle, from Spartanburg, SC; David Kirchner, guitar, from St. Paul, MN. Sometimes joined by Fred Stoll, fiddle or bass, from Spartanburg SC. 

Tune Hounds
This band, formed in the late-night crucible of Sugar Hill, comes from Chicago, Champaign-Urbana and Bloomington Indiana - Edward Wallace, fiddle Ben Smith, fiddle and mandolin, Michael Shapiro, guitar, and Eric Schedler, keyboard and accordion.

Uncle Pink - Old-time
Barbara Weathers, fiddle, from St. Louis; Julie Henigan, banjo, from Springfield, MO; Kim Lansford, guitar, from Galena, MO.

The Wabash Valley Cannonballs - Old time
Old-time music - Megan Greene, fiddle, and Robert Freeman, banjo, from West Lafayette, IN, plus Jim Nelson, guitar, and Dedo Norris from St. Louis. 

White Mule - Old time from Chicago, IL
Genevieve Harrison on fiddle, Smith Koester on banjo, Andy Gribble on guitar, and Abby Ladin on bass.