English Country Dance at Kimmswick

2009 Kimmswick Dance Weekend, Saturday May 16, 2009

An English Dance Workshop was presented as part of the Kimmswick Dance Weekend presented by Childgrove Country Dancers at Cuivre River State Park, Sherwood Forest Camp.

Kay Tomlinson, Bob Green, and Billy Boyer were the callers. Feedback from out-of-town attendees was that they were surprised at the high level of the dancing, calling and music. Bravo to the dancers!

Live Music was provided by Robin Hood's Merry Band (Martha Edwards, Pamela Carson Stoll and Greg Allen on fiddles, Fred Stoll on mandolin and bass, and Jill Allen on keyboard). It was a pickup band, though the members had played together previously. The name of the band was taken from the name of the location, Sherwood Forest Camp.

Dances performed at the May, 2009 workshop:

  • Mage on a Cree
  • Jefferson and Liberty
  • Hull's Victory
  • Apley House
  • Red House
  • Yellow Stockings
  • Castigated Neigbor
  • Jack's Maggot
  • Rakes of Rochester
  • Lover's Knot