Joe Felsen's Dances

Huru’s Reel by Joe Felsen (2009)          Duple  Improper

A1 Long lines forward (4)
On the way back , Gents roll the Ladies away with a half sashay (4)                
Promenade with your neighbor across the set (8)
A2 Ladies chain across (8)
Ladies do-si-do once, back to your partner. (8)
B1 Gypsy and swing your partner. (16)
B2 Gents allemande left, once and a half. (8)
Swing your neighbor. (8) End that swing to open out in long lines.

Proctor’s Reel by Joe Felsen  (2008) Duple Improper

A1  Neighbor balance and swing.
A2  Gents start a full hey by the left. (Gypsy hey.)
B1  Gents pass by the left; Gypsy by the right and swing your partner
B2  Right and left through across the set
Circle left three places and Pass through

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