Karen Opp's Dances


The Proprietary Partner

Becket Contra

A1   (8) Slice Left on the diagonal, Fall back

        (8) Ladies' Chain

A2   (8) Ladies Right Allemande 1 1/2 times

        (8) Partner Swing

B1  (16) Full Pushback Hey (men lead)

B2  (8) Partner Gypsy

      (8) Partner Swing

 Mad Times

Duple Improper Contra

A1   (8) Neighbor Do-Si-Do (KEEP FACING YOUR NEIGHBOR)

       (8) Mad Robin across the set (men lead)*

A2  (8) Circle left 5 places

      (8) Partner swing on the side

B1  (8) Ladies cast over right shoulder, around partner

      (8) Neighbor swing

B2 (8) Balance the circle, men roll their neighbor lady away with a half sashay

     (8) Balance the circle & pass thru up and down

* Teaching tips: The Mad Robin is done facing up and down the set. Dancers will be looking at their opposite neighbor and doing the Mad Robin with their partner.