Ted Steele's Dances

First Star by Ted Steele - Duple Improper

A1: Balance & Swing neighbor
A2: Circle left, Circle right
B1: Ladies chain, over & back
B2: Left-hand star, right-hand star

An easy dance, but no partner swing.

Second Star By Ted Steele - Duple Improper

A1 Balance & Swing neighbor
A2 Ladies Chain
Swing partner
B1 Long Lines Forward and Back
Right and Left Thru & Roll-away Partner
B2 Right Hand Star 3/4
Left Hand Star

Written after “First Star” to add a partner swing

Heat Wave by Ted Steele - Becket

A1 Right-hand Star
Allemande Right Partner 1 1/4 to wavy line of four (men in ctr.)
A2 Balance Forward and Back, Men pull by
Swing Neighbor
B1 Ladies chain halfway
Promenade across
B2 Balance & swing partner
Slide Left

John Birch Reel by Ted Steele - Becket

A1 Right Diagonal Right and Left Thru
Circle right 3/4
A2 Allemande Right Neighbor
Right-hand Star 1 1/4 (5 places)
B1 Hey for Four (Ladies pass Right shoulders)
B2 Balance & Swing Partner

Comments: All moves are to the Right. (The John Birch Society was a radical right-wing political movement in the 1960-70s.)

Hey your Corner By Ted Steele -Square (H-S-H-S)

Head couples Forward and Back; Side couples Forward and Back
Head couples Right and Left Thru & roll away with a half sashay
Head couples Forward & Swing Opposite (face the sides)
Hey for Four (pass corner by right shoulder)
Box the Gnat with your corner & Pull by
Swing partner & Promenade Home

Based on “A Delicate Operation” by Sue Elbenger

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